We will accept nominations for the new slate of leadership until close of business on December 19, 2017.  Norman Brown will be our Election Chairperson and will collect the name, photo, and a statement of interest that includes a brief biography for all interested candidates. This material will be posted on the voting website in late December for voting.

If you would like to nominate someone for a position, the Election Committee will reach out to that person to request that they consider running. Please send all nominations to:


Executive Committee Open Seats


1. President: The President, with the advice and agreement of the other Executive Committee members, determines policy and sets the strategic agenda of the Association to promote and represent Black alumni concerns with respect to the College. To further Association policy, execution of the agenda, and proper management of the Association’s affairs, he or she appoints and oversees all other committees and ensures the proper performance of their functions. The President reports to the Association’s members on a quarterly basis regarding the status or progress of policy matters, the agenda, and the financial condition of the Association.

2. First Vice President: The First Vice President assists the President in execution of strategies. He or she principally serves as liaison with Dartmouth faculty, administration and current students, and works closely with the Second Vice President to oversee prospective student recruitment efforts.

 3. Second Vice President: The Second Vice President assists the President in execution of strategies. He or she principally serves as liaison with the Regional Coordinators to advise on and support regional activities, and works closely with the First Vice President to oversee prospective student recruitment efforts. 

4. Treasurer: The Treasurer solicits dues from the Association’s members annually. He or she collects all dues and revenues of the Association and keeps and maintains an accounting of the financial transactions of the Association. He or she shall deposit all monies in such bank or other insured depository institution as designated by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer ensures that all transactions by check drawn on the account of the Association are signed by both the Treasurer and the President (or the President’s designated executive officer). The Treasurer prepares regular (at least quarterly) reports on the finances of the Association. However, whenever requested by the Executive Committee or the President of the Association, the Treasurer shall report on the finances of the Association.

5. Secretary: The Secretary records the minutes of all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee. He or she serves as the communication liaison for notice of all meetings and for maintaining the correspondence and other written communications of the Executive Committee. The Secretary works with the Association’s newly formed Communications Committee to spearhead social media efforts and other communications initiatives.

6. Regional Coordinators: Regional Coordinators engage the Association’s members and oversee the coordination of activities and events for the region they represent. Regional Coordinators liaison with the local Dartmouth Club, other local Affiliate Groups, and students in the region. Access to Facebook is required. Presently, BADA regions are established in Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. The Association encourages members outside the existing regional network to initiate local chapters. If you are interested in doing so, please inform Norman.

Other Key Leadership Positions

7. Webmaster: The Webmaster works closely with the Association’s officers to help BADA continuously improve and maintain its internet communications channel. Presently, BADA’s website is a stand-alone site, but there is an opportunity to migrate to the College’s platform and software. The Webmaster role requires technical expertise.

 8. Mentoring Committee Chair: The Chair leads the Association’s efforts to meet the mentorship needs of interested students. This role includes liaison with appropriate College administrators and Afro-American Society leadership to collaborate on student needs, outreach to Association members to serve as mentors to interested students on a one-on-one basis, willingness to occasionally meet with groups of students on campus or engage students in other related activities as the Chair determines to be of value.

 9. Alumni Council Representative: The 125 members of the Alumni Council include one delegate elected by each undergraduate class from the Class of 2017 back to the Class of 1962, as well as three councilors whose collective constituency encompasses every class that has celebrated its 55th reunion. There are also councilors who represent regional clubs, affinity groups, and the graduate schools, and several who serve at-large. The Council convenes in Hanover each fall and spring to meet with the College President, representatives of the College's leadership team, members of the Board of Trustees, as well as with students and professors. The time is meant to glean information and raise questions, and to then share with our constituents what we have heard and seen.



Elections will be conducted electronically. Emails with voting instructions have been sent to BADA members.