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Dartmouth Reunion Weekend: Classes of '76-'78, '87, '92, '06-'08, & '12

With the upcoming reunions on campus, some members of BADA have put some time and effort into carving out a space for BADA folks to get together. In addition to the AAm Lounge (Mural room) being available on Friday and Saturday evenings, June 16 and 17, at 9:30pm, there are the following events:

- UJIMA performance, Friday at 7pm, before the Class of '87 dinner. 
- A Gospel Choir Ensemble, featuring past directors and members from across multiple classes, including Sharon Daughtry, Crystal Crawford and Simone A. Nicholas, is performing on Saturday at 4:30pm, as part of the Memorial Service (Top of the Hop). 
- At one of our two BADA receptions (Fri & Sat, 9:30pm), Tandiwe Kone, 92, has agreed to perform a comedy set (the BADA mini receptions will be posted online shortly). 
- Additionally, Erika Wentworth '91 will be offering a ZUMBA class (date & time to be confirmed).
- We will be taking multiple BADA pics, as well, including one immediately following Saturday's Memorial Service.

You can contact Kimberly M. Bobb '92, who originally posted this agenda in our BADA TALKS Facebook group, if you have any further questions.